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INFLECTRA® (infliximab-dyyb) Patient Counseling Information


Advise the patient to read the FDA-Approved Patient Labeling (Medication Guide).

Patients or their caregivers should be advised of the potential benefits and risks of INFLECTRA. Physicians should instruct their patients to read the Medication Guide before starting INFLECTRA therapy and to reread it each time they receive an infusion. It is important that the patient's overall health be assessed at each treatment visit and that any questions resulting from the patient's or their caregiver's reading of the Medication Guide be discussed.


Inform patients that INFLECTRA may lower the ability of their immune system to fight infections. Instruct patients of the importance of contacting their doctors if they develop any symptoms of an infection, including tuberculosis and reactivation of hepatitis B virus infections. Patients should be counseled about the risk of lymphoma and other malignancies while receiving INFLECTRA.

Other Medical Conditions

Advise patients to report any signs of new or worsening medical conditions such as heart disease, neurological disease, or autoimmune disorders. Advise patients to report any symptoms of a cytopenia such as bruising, bleeding or persistent fever.

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