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FUROSEMIDE, Vial - Novaplus U.S. Physician Prescribing Information (furosemide injection, USP) How Supplied/Storage and Handling


Furosemide Injection, USP 10 mg/mL is supplied as follows:

Unit of SaleConcentration
NDC 0409-6102-25
Carton Containing 25 Vials
20 mg/2 mL
(10 mg/mL)
NDC 0409-6102-26
Carton Containing 25 Vials
40 mg/4 mL
(10 mg/mL)
NDC 0409-6102-27
Carton Containing 25 Vials
100 mg/10 mL
(10 mg/mL)

Store at 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F). [see USP Controlled Room Temperature.]

Do not use if solution is discolored or contains particulate.

Protect from light. Do not remove from carton until ready to use.

Discard unused portion.

Distributed by Hospira, Inc., Lake Forest, IL 60045 USA
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Revised: 04/2018

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